My Gentleman Spy by Sasha Cottman

February 18, 2018

My Gentleman Spy by Sasha Cottman

My Gentleman Spy
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Roses                         
Series: The Duke of Strathmore #5
Publication Date: February 1, 2018

Former spy William Saunders’ world is turned upside down the day he rescues missionary worker Hattie Wright from the deep blue waters off the coast of Gibraltar.

When circumstances compel them to share a cramped cabin on the boat trip back to London, desire and passion ignite between them.
Hattie sees the time with Will as a brief respite before she goes back to her mission among the poor and vulnerable in the slums of London.

Will, however, feels honor bound to offer her marriage and return her to the world of privilege she once knew.
Despite her heart’s desire to possess his love, Hattie is determined to continue her important work. She rejects his proposal.

But Hattie has made powerful enemies in the criminal gangs of the rookeries and there are those who would gladly see her dead.
When Hattie goes missing, Will is finally forced to face the truth of his past to save the woman he loves.


From the very first page Sasha Cottman captured my attention and it never waivered until “the end”.

Hattie Wright is determined to take charge of her life and definitely makes a splash in doing so. In her struggle to survive she is rescued by a gentleman that she soon comes to have feelings for; however, in fear of being sent back to the life she is escaping she’s not willing to give details of her life. A voyage to the empty home she was forced to leave with her handsome savior as her companion awakens feelings she thought she would never be lucky enough to have. Alas, her secrets haunt her and she soon flees leaving him confused and angry. Feeling alone when reality starts to sink in, Hattie digs deep for the strength she needs to survive.

William Saunders is abiding his time until the voyage that will take him home; leaving his former occupation behind and towards the arms of his loving family. Things take an unexpected turn when he witnesses a woman jump into deep waters. Rescuing the damsel soon sets Will’s world spinning as he strives to discover her secrets while keeping his own. Sailing home soon proves to be more than he bargained for. Then his mysterious lady disappears and he’ll do anything to find her.

The search is on with near misses and surprising revelations. Will these two be willing to give up all their secrets for a chance at love?

My Gentleman Spy is the first book I have read of Ms. Cottman’s. It will not be my last.


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My Daring Duchess by Julie Johnstone

January 25, 2018

My Daring Duchess by Julie Johnstone

DaringDuchess-310x215 hi-res
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Roses                         
Series: Once Upon a Rogue #4
Publication Date: January 30, 2018

When a lady bent on ruining rogues and a duke set on revenge attempt to derail each other’s plans, passion erupts into a love for the ages.

After being left brokenhearted by a duplicitous rake, Anne Adair no longer desires a husband—she wants justice. She’s traded in her foolish dream of happily-ever-after for the much more sensible one of thwarting the blackhearted lords who prey on innocent debutantes. But her first mission proves rather complicated when the dashing, devilish Duke of Kilmartin comes to the aid of her target.

Simon Sedgewick, the newly titled Duke of Kilmartin, never thought he would return to England, let alone attend a ball full of simpering lords. But when his oldest friend’s reputation is being smeared, and Simon discovers that the perpetrator is none other than his enemy’s granddaughter, his long-festering desire for vengeance flares to life.

The moment Simon spies Miss Anne Adair across the glittering ballroom, he knows that the ravishing beauty is the perfect instrument for the retribution he thought lost to him. He does not know, however, that Anne has devised a scheme of her own. And soon, these two wary hearts will discover that the best laid plans are no match for love.



Revenge is best served cold. At least until white hot passion melts that desire away.

Simon Sedgewick, Duke of Kilmartin, is set on revenge against those who saw him exiled. Unfortunately, his grandfather is no longer alive but his long time friend is. What better way to exact his revenge than to do what he was falsely accused of those many years ago – seduce and ruin the granddaughter of his nemesis.

Anne Adair knows how close she came to ruin at the hands of a rogue. Now she has a strong desire to ruin all rogues of the ton and what better way than starting with the rogue accused ruining her friend. She never expected the rogue’s friend to set his sights on her.

Can they hold onto their beliefs of what they each know as the truth or will the white hot passion melt more than their plans for revenge?

Beautifully written by Julie Johnstone. Each encounter, each barter showcases Anne’s strength while giving glimpses of the vulnerability she continues to have with the concept of love. Simon’s strong need for desire is tempered by glimpses of the caring man he is, making his one loveable hero.
Totally a 5+ star read!

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The Lady Who Loved Him by Christi Caldwell

January 29, 2018

The Lady Who Loved Him by Christi Caldwell

The Lady Who Loved Him
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Roses                         
Series: The Brethren #2 
Publication Date: February 2, 2018

In this passionate, emotional Regency romance by Christi Caldwell, society’s most wicked rake meets his match in the clever Lady Chloe Edgerton! And nothing will ever be the same!

She doesn’t believe in marriage….

The cruelty of men is something Lady Chloe Edgerton understands. Even in her quest to better her life and forget the past, men always seem determined to control her. Overhearing the latest plan to wed her to a proper gentleman, Chloe finally has enough…but one misstep lands her in the arms of the most notorious rake in London.

The Marquess of Tennyson doesn’t believe in love….
Leopold Dunlop is a ruthless, coldhearted rake… a reputation he has cultivated. As a member of The Brethren, a secret spy network, he’s committed his life to serving the Crown, but his rakish reputation threatens to overshadow that service. When he’s caught in a compromising position with Chloe, it could be the last nail in the coffin of his career unless he’s willing to enter into a marriage of convenience.

A necessary arrangement…
A loveless match from the start, it soon becomes something more. As Chloe and Leo endeavor to continue with the plans for their lives prior to their marriage, Leo finds himself not so immune to his wife – or to the prospect of losing her.



Holy crap! Only Christi Caldwell can take a rake/rogue/scoundrel (all rolled into one) with the blackest of hearts and show that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Leo Dunlap, Marquess of Tennyson, is one of the blackest hearted males that I’ve ever read. The things this man has done…wicked indeed. So how can one that so far gone be redeemed? In the very talented hands of Ms. Caldwell and with the love of one very special lady, Chloe Edgerton, a lady who has been through her own special hell.

Each revelation peels away a layer giving insight into the forces that formed Leo’s life while shedding light into the horrors Chloe has herself suffered.

A beautiful story of how events can shape one’s life and how they can choose to drown in them or find a way forward and survive.

A 10+ star read that I have to say is probably my most favorite of Ms. Caldwell’s books.


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The Mercenary Pirate by Katherine Bone

September 6, 2017

The Mercenary Pirate by Katherine Bone

The Mercenary Pirate

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Roses
Series: The Heart of a Hero #9
Publication Date: September 7, 2017

Wolfgang, one of Lord Wellington’s craftiest spies, is a fighter, an indulgent loner who is cunning and bold enough to go where others do not dare. He hates distractions and complications, especially those involving the fairer sex, and his instincts have always fueled him and kept him on course, mission after mission. That is, until his talents steer him toward a destiny he didn’t know he had and a search for the brother he barely remembers. And when he comes into contact with a brave young woman disguised as a boy, the urge he feels to protect her might just lead him on the biggest adventure of all.

Selina’s wedding day did not go as planned. Instead, she was kidnapped by pirates and ransomed for an exorbitant sum. Her diabolical captors didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, however, and kept her imprisoned even after their demands were met. More clever than her kidnappers expected, she managed to escape and disguised herself as a boy. Forced to lie, cheat, and steal in order to stay alive, she loses hope of ever returning to the man she intended to marry. Desperate, she agrees to become a handsome and compassionate sea captain’s cabin boy to gain passage back to Cornwall, but the captain endangers the one thing she cannot afford to lose—her heart.


Holy Moly!! Katherine Bone has written another outstanding story involving pirates, lies, intrigue, and love!

Wolfgang, a spy for Lord Wellington, remembers almost nothing of his past and has spent years working for Lord Wellington with the promise of information on the only family member he remembers – his brother. At last he is getting the long-promised information; but he should know not to count on that promise when a young boy is in desperate need of rescuing in the seedy tavern where he is to meet his informant. Rescuing the boy may cost his more than his information, it could cost him the one thing he thought he didn’t have – his heart.

Captured on what was to be her wedding day, Selena Herding has endured more than any lady should but she has survived. She has been kidnapped, imprisoned, escaped, dressed as a boy, rolled in filth to cover her gender only to be chained to the wall of a seedy tavern for Cosairs entertainment. Fighting and clawing to escape, her rescue may come from an unlikely source. But is she jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Or is she facing something graver – losing her heart to a pirate?

From the rescue/escape to finding the ultimate truth of events, Ms. Bone’s talented writing had me seeing and smelling the atmosphere while feeling as if I was there in the action. Only one minor problem… I want more!

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Earl of Wainthorpe by Collette Cameron

January 6, 2018

Earl of Wainthorpe by Collette Cameron


My Rating: 5 out of 5 roses
Series: Wicked Earls Club 
Publication Date: January 23, 2018

Could you ever love the unrepentant rake who won you in a wager?

He didn’t gamble on losing his heart when he won her at the gaming tables.

Pierce, the Earl of Wainthorpe has finally thwarted his worst enemy. Except he can’t revel in his victory after winning his foe’s ward in a winner-takes-all wager. If Pierce refuses to assume Bianca Salisbury’s guardianship, the fiery-haired beauty with a matching temper may very well find herself sold to the highest bidder.

The shameful secret she guards makes it impossible to love a rogue.

Desperate to escape her blackguard cousin, Bianca Salisbury ventures to London to find a husband or employment. Instead, she’s bartered to a notorious rakehell. She either risks being compromised and accepts The Earl of Wainthorpe’s protection, or flees him and her guardian. But without money and a place to go, she fears she’ll face the same tragic fate as her mother.

Caution: This romance features a sexy, irredeemable scoundrel determined to thumb his nose at the haut ton, a saucy country miss unafraid to speak her mind but terrified of even a hint of scandal, a unlikely aristocratic matchmaker, a trio of busybody sisters you’ll adore, and a very pregnant calico that is convinced humans are only around for her convenience.


A wager gone wild sees Pierce, Earl of Wainthorpe, member of the Wicked Earls Club, with a beautiful woman as his ward. A man who flouts every convention the ton holds dear, must now decide how to handle this unexpected encumbrance without ruining her reputation. Ah, but will this encumbrance prove to be more challenging than anything he’s every done and will he lose his heart in the biggest wager of his life?

Bianca Salisbury was taken in by her aunt and uncle when she lost her mother at an early age; now they’re gone, and she’s forced to rely on her odious cousin. Until he bets her in a card wager and loses to a notorious rake. With no where else to go she endeavors to make the best of a bad situation and to win a bet with the handsome rogue but what does she lose in the process.

Collette Cameron continues to amaze me with her talented writing. Add Ms. Cameron’s wit, a trio of busybody sisters, and a push and very pregnant cat and you have a gem of a story.

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